by Mad momma

November 13, 2020

I was grieving the loss of my grandmother before I got pregnant. I was honest with my child’s father about where we stood at the time because I knew eventually I would get over it and move on, but he didn’t care. He fell in love with me and tried to trap me once before I actually got pregnant. I was so in denial I waited five months to do something about it. I had never been pregnant before or even had a pregnancy scare. I’m twenty four and I loved my life..I was just starting to really love myself. Having my son felt like it was something I was forced to do because of shame and lack of support. I tried to get the money from my mom who lied and said it’s not the worst thing but my son is 9 months old and now I’m grieving my old body, my old life, everything. I feel like men are weaponizing pregnancy and women should be able to get them free because it’s dangerous to force a life onto someone who doesn’t want it.

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