by Anonymous

September 8, 2020

My wife and I used IUI to get pregnant. The first 2 unmedicated IUIs didn’t take, so we tried 2 more times using medicine to help. The 4th try took, but the medicine helped implant 3 embryos (triplets!) all the Doctors and nurses told us that it would be best to “reduce” (or abort) one of the triplets because triplet births tend to be more dangerous especially on smaller women like me and/or could make me give birth dangerously early. It was a tough decision, and there was a lot of thought, care, and crying that went into it, but ultimately we terminated the third triplet. I gave birth to 2 healthy kids at 37 weeks. But I think about the terminated baby C a lot. What would life had been like with a third kid? But I am very happy with my healthy babies and glad I made the decision to abort.

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