Quarantine abortion

by Morgan

November 5, 2020

Towards the beginning of quarantine I had found out I was pregnant and I was ready to face my consequences by having the fetus, however my boyfriend at the time was anything but supportive and told me that if I kept it he wanted nothing to do with me. At the time I thought I was gonna spend the rest of my life with him so I quickly told my mom and said I wanted to get an abortion. It was the medication abortion so I was going through a week of cramping and bleeding and lots of mental and physical pain. My boyfriend didn’t seem to care and never paid for the expenses and even broke up with me a week after I had gotten it done. I was still in high school so I was also continuing on with my classes but I just felt so alone and I wish I had someone there for me. My mother was disappointed in me and told me not to talk about it ever because “nobody wants to hear about that”. I’m now graduated and I’m taking classes at a cosmetology school and I’ve met people that are understanding of my past and even made me realize that abortion is such a normal thing that many women have gotten and that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my decision. Even though it wasn’t my first option it worked out for the better because I can’t raise a kid if I can barely take care of myself. I want people to know that abortions are never something you should feel bad about.

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