Providing Care

by Em

April 8, 2019

I was in my last year of medical school and set on becoming an OB/GYN when rotated through with an experienced OB/GYN in town, who just so happened to be the only abortion provider in the entire area. He had no partners in his practice, and had few doctors who would take call with him because of the stigma attached to it in the Bible Belt. I remember learning the procedure and feeling the same sense of gratitude at the opportunity to serve women as I did when I attended deliveries.


I was then able to train for a while as an OB/GYN in a more progressive state where I performed abortions. Women came in tearful, scared, and ultimately relieved that they had someone to counsel them, comfort them, and offer medical care, whether they decided to go through with the medications or procedure or not. Most women told me they weren’t ready, or they wanted to be a good mom to the children they already had. I was honored to be able to help them and hold their hands through the process.

I never had an abortion, but I would tell any significant other I had during college or medical school that I would have made that choice had I become pregnant during my 8 years of schooling. Why? Because I believe I was called to be a physician, more than a mother, so that I can serve others. And that’s ok, because that’s my choice.

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