Protesters made the whole thing so much harder.

by Amber

April 23, 2021

Content Warning: mention of suicide

I had my 1st child in 2012, healthy baby boy! I got pregnant again in 2014 had a miscarriage @8wks. Tried again in 2015 lost my daughter at 32wks from her cord being wrapped around her little neck, 2016 lost another son @21 wks reason unknown. So when I got pregnant again in 2017 my new dr ran test after seeing all my losses & found out I have MTHFR blood mutations so I’d need to be on blood thinners to have a viable pregnancy. I had a heathy baby girl via csection bc she was breech. It was so nerve wracking for me like all my losses have given me PTSD over it all. so when I found out I was pregnant again 2021 I decided I cant do it again physically, mentally or emotionally so me & my husband decided to use the abortion pill since I was only 4wks pregnant. I had to go to the clinic alone bc of the rules & I had to wait I’m my car until I was called in. The protesters outside were utterly ridiculous. I had only seen stuff like that on tv so I was sort of shocked by it all & nervous for being there even though I’d made my decision. they were standing in front of the parked cars intimidating everyone who walked by to the clinic. Even were pin pointing out ppl. Told one girl that had red hair with 2 buns on top that she looked like a devil. Then started talking about the car with the in loving memory sticker on (which was my car, sticker for my dad who committed suicide)  so I had to say something to him. I also looked up the laws & told him he’s breaking them by not being 15ft away from the clinic & the parked cars in the “buffer zone” their supposed to stay in. The clinic staff were amazing made me feel so much better about my decision. The protesters were an absolute nightmare that makes me scared as hell to go back for my follow up appt. I sat in the parking lot looking up the laws & found a local article with comments from some guy in it & low & behold fb search showed it was one of the guys outside the clinic preaching with a loud speaker. Do they not have paying jobs to go to? Or better yet that book they’re preaching out of & pointing at ppl walking by says thou shall not judge but I’ll be damned, they out here just a judging. they don’t know anyone’s circumstances at all & should mind their business.

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