Pro-life to pro-choice in a heartbeat

by -abi

April 1, 2020

Content Warning: rape

it’s easy to be pro-life if you’re not the one that’s pregnant.

i was pro-life for years. i grew up in a religious household, told that God and Their followers don’t like murderers. even though life isn’t based on religion, i still love it because it gives me sanctity. i used to tell people abortion was murder, that God will never forgive you. then i was r*ped. i was impregnated by a senior boy when i was 12. i have epilepsy, also. giving birth could and would kill me. so as you can imagine, i had horrible conflicting feelings. i was trapped, confused, misguided, and judged. my parents said they loved me and wouldn’t judge my decision, because they’re extremely loving. it’s me that was really scared to have an abortion, i thought God would never love me again. i went to a clinic, got told that it was my decision, and they offered to give me time to think about it. at this point, i was about a month into the pregnancy. i chose to go through with it. to this day, i’m so grateful that i was able to be given such immense support and kindness from the people at planned parenthood, and my friends and family who didn’t judge me for a second after that. my experience not only changed my outlook, but my parents outlooks as well. you never know what someone is going through, you never know their story. it’s easy to be pro-life when you’re not the one who’s pregnant. to all other women who have been in a similar situation than me, my heart goes out to you and i send you so much love and kindness. and to this day, God still loves me. and i still love myself.

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