Pregnant!? LOL

by Anonymous

April 18, 2019

Im 26 years old and knew from a young age that I never wanted kids. The thought of pregnancy makes me cringe. You can imagine how I felt when my pregnancy test came out positive. I’ve been on birth control since I was 14 and stopped taking it last October (2018) once I was kicked off my moms insurance. I’ve always been cautious and taken the right steps to ensure I don’t get pregnant. This New Years resolution was no sex and only drinking once a week. A started a relationship with a guy I met through one of my best friends and we really hit it off. We weren’t sexually active because I didn’t want to be. On February 28/March 1, we went out with some friends and I drank too much. I blacked out and only remember waking up the next morning. He informed me we had unprotected sex and he didn’t pull out. Considering I had zero recollection of it, I didn’t really take it that serious (so stupid). A week and a half later, I didn’t feel right but I couldn’t explain why. I went to CVS and got a three pack of pregnancy tests. I rushed home and took one. Negative. Whew. The next week (18th), I went to LA with some friends but when we got to our AIR BNB, I knew something was off. My boobs were HUGE and not “I’m about to start my period” huge. My first day of my last period was Valentine’s Day so the week of LA was me being a week late for my period. I got back that Friday (22nd) and took another test.. positive as positive gets. I was SICK. I had multiple friends get abortions from the same clinic and they all had nothing but good things to say. Unfortunately they were closed until Monday. So I had to work all weekend, knowing I was pregnant and out of the whole experience, that was the worst part. Come Monday, I went to the office for my free walk in consultation. In this state, you have to have a 24 hour wait period between the consultation and actual abortion.

I pee’d in a cup and went back to the waiting area until my name was called. I got brought back by the sweetest nurse. After taking a prick of my finger, she did the ultra sound but couldn’t see anything through the outside of my stomach so she did it vaginally. Apparently my uterus faces my back so trying to find a picture was a little uncomfortable. Finally though, it was there. 5 weeks and 4 days. I couldn’t stop laughing because I never wanted kids and now there was one growing in me, it was just ironic.

The nurse exited the room and the dr came in. She was so understanding and comforting. She didn’t pressure me or try to make me feel bad about my decision. She went over all my options and explained how the two abortions worked (pill vs surgical). The pill sounded awful and the ones I know who’ve taken it could confirm that. I decided to go with the surgical.

I walked to the scheduling and was able to get in that Wednesday at 7:45. I couldn’t wait. Also, the scheduling lady had on a pin that said “abortion is normal”.. that helped ease me.

I stopped food and drink at midnight the night prior.

Wednesday comes and I have a friend drive me. They require a driver who needs to check in with you and have a valid drivers license.  I filled out my remaining paper work. I got called back and taken in the procedure room and spoke with a different nurse about how the procedure will go, she answered all my questions and gave me helpful insight to birth control. Like everyone reading this, I did my previous research too and read a specific story that said she heard the sucking of the vacuum so I asked the nurse if I was able to keep my AirPods in. She reassured me that the sedation will be strong enough and I won’t need it but if it make me feel comfortable, I was more than welcome.

She gave me a minute alone to undress from the waist down and sit on the table with a cloth over me. She came in, still in conversation with me and made it personal which helped me relax because she felt more like a friend. Hooking up vitals and such, she put in the IV and let me know the sedation should be working within seconds. All I remember is saying “oh sh*t” and I was out like a light. I came to in a dimmed room with a heating pad while sitting in a cozy recliner. The nurse checked my pad twice and I was released. The whole process (walking back to walking out) about 45 minutes, 30 being in the recovery room. The procedure itself took 3-5 minutes. I ate after and came straight home and went to sleep. I was on and off sleep about 8 hours. I had no excessive bleeding, no cramps and no pain. I am a little faint feeling and feel like I’m moving slo-mo, but I’m assuming that’s from the sedation.

I think the atmosphere of the abortion is what was most important to me (besides the abortion itself). If they weren’t so inviting and understanding, it would’ve been harder to deal with.

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