Pregnant in Texas

by Anonymous

February 8, 2022

I’m in my 20’s, and I found out I was pregnant in the Emergency Room. After 3 weeks of vomiting (and several negative pregnancy tests), I was at my wit’s end. I had recently separated with my partner, and when the doctor told me I was having a baby I completely left my body and entered a state of shock. The doctor soon after told me it was “too late” for any method of abortion, “it wouldn’t be potent enough” (even though I was not even 7 weeks 😊). In a state of shock, I listened as the doctors told me how the next few months would go; I would be referred to an OBGYN and would start prescription pre-natals and nausea medicine immediately. They gave me an ultrasound, showed me my baby, and played the heartbeat loud and clear without consent. It took me weeks to process the fact that I had a choice. I decided to leave the state and have an abortion. I am so lucky to have the resources and ability to travel and receive an abortion. My state doesn’t allow them, and I saw firsthand how damaging and manipulative that system is to women. I had a surgical abortion at around 9 weeks and it couldn’t have gone better. No pain, no down time, and the providers and staff were so kind and helpful that it moved me to tears. I have zero regret, only gratitude for the ability to realize my choice, and the resources to receive an abortion.

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