Pregnant at 16

by C❤️

March 16, 2021

So this is my story of when I was 16

So I was 16 when I found I was pregnant, I had a boyfriend throughout my first year of college in which I would constantly go see him and spend time with him even tho I had to make up stories because I had overly strict parents and wasn’t allowed to do anything. I was very immature at that time and I wanted to do anything to make him happy because I through that I liked him when in reality it was a silly young school relationship which was pointless.  We did it multiple times mostly because of he wanted it and would make me feel bad.

My periods always came around the same time and that one time it didn’t  I got worried and I thought well maybe it’s just a bit late, I never expected, never even thought I could be pregnant until I waited to see if my period came, I went to the doctors and we did a pregnancy test, to this day I still remember the look on the doctor’s face, I knew straight away. My heart dropped and I instantly started crying, I was so scared because I could not tell my parents cause everyone’s against it in my house hold and they wouldn’t be supportive at all.

Deep down I did want to keep it but I was only 16 I needed to carry on with college, I needed to sort my life be emotionally, mentally and financially stable which I wasn’t. I also did not want my ex to be the father after finding out he was unfaithful to me various times and wasn’t gonna be there for me or the child. I could not bring myself to put a child through that sort of life.

Straight away I knew abortion was the right choice for me especially since I was 10 weeks when I found out, I did hate myself and wasn’t emotionally well for a while but I had to keep strong, everyone deals with emotions differently and I can’t really handle mine well.  But it knew it was right choice for me and my family and I will live with that. One day when I’m ready I’d love to have a child or maybe even children! Who knows.

To everyone out there who has had an abortion whether they were happy or not happy and handled it in your own way, I’m proud of you, if that choice made you happy and meant you could carry on with your life  properly then that’s all that matters, no one else can make that choice for you, YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE you do what makes you happy and I love you ❤️-  Sorry not very good at putting my thoughts out properly.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!