Positive Medical Abortion Story

by A

December 8, 2020


So I’ve never posted here before, but throughout this process I read so many reddit posts and a lot of them helped me feel so much better. I thought I could help a lot of you guys going through the same thing. It was so helpful!

I am not here to post about anything emotional or feelings related, because we all go through different things. I just want to talk about my experience.

I was 3 weeks pregnant according to a ClearBlue test, so I’m guessing I was like 5 weeks pregnant overall if you count from the first day of a missed period. I went to the abortion clinic where they gave me the first pill. Nothing happened at all with that pill except for some very light spotting.

Exacly 26 hours later, I set an alarm and at 4 am I took 800mg of Ibuprofen, like the nurse told me to do. My next alarm was at 6 am, where I took 4 200mcg pills of misoprostol, 2 in each cheek. Swallowed 30 minutes later.

I started feeling cold and chilly. I NEVER felt any pain. I felt super, super mild cramps, way milder than the cramps I get while on my period. Got up to pee, there was blood. A lot of blood, but only in the toilet. My pad was basically clean. This went on for about 2 hours. I didn’t see any huge clots or anything, but there was blood, and there were tiny clots. I waited.

This went on for 3 more hours, normal blood on toilet, light bleeding on pads. Then it subsided. The cramps were, and I swear 1/10. Maybe even less than that. I have to say 1.- I smoked weed, and 2.- I took ibuprofen 2 hours before miso and then exactly 7 hours after.

It’s been 3 days. I was actually extremely scared that it did not work since all the stories I read were of extreme bleeding and pain…I got none of that. It was for real way way way way better than a normal period, less blood, less cramping, less everything.

24 hours after miso I got an HCG test. It said 487 which is exactly 3 weeks pregnant. Today I went in for the second. It says 147. That means it’s WORKING! It worked! And most importantly, it was completely painless.

A strange part of me wishes it would have hurt a little just to feel some kind of punishment? I guess? Our brains work in mysterious ways.

What I get from this is 1.- Do it AS SOON AS YOU FIND OUT. DO NOT WAIT. The more you wait, the more painful and horrible it is, I’m sure, from all of my research (i’ve read SO SO SO much these past 3 days). I went into the clinic ONE DAY after I found out.

2.- Smoke weed if you can! Sorry, but it makes it so much easier.

3.- Take the ibuprofen at least one hour before miso.

4.- EVERY BODY is different. Stop tortuing yourself reading terrible horrible stories. It is not all like that! You can do it!!!!!!!!! It’s hard enough as it is.

If anyone wants to chat or ask me anything, I’m here.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!