Positive abortion story

by Anonymous

October 14, 2019

I’m writing this a few hours after I took misoprostol, the second medicine for a medical abortion.

Before I say anything, please stop believing all those horror stories you’ve seen on the web! A lot of them are unrealistic and exaggerated to convince people OUT of an abortion. I couldn’t stop reading them and drove myself into a corner, but luckily my boyfriend was there to help me through it and advised me against these videos and stories.


A bit of background knowledge, I’m actually very young, only 17 years old, with my boyfriend being even younger than me. We’ve been dating for half a year now, and I was 7 weeks pregnant when we got accidentally pregnant.

As we had university entrance exams coming up within 2 weeks, we had to abort it, as we were also too young.


I went with the medical abortion because it felt safer to be at home, and my pregnancy was still considered early and within the range to be eligible for a medical abortion.


Needless to say, I was so scared when I finally received the pills.


The first pill, mifepristone, honestly got rid of my nausea for a few hours, but eventually the nausea came back. I didn’t have any cramping or bleeding, but I was often tired and drained of energy. I decided to take a walk outside and sucked on some frozen fruit cubes (they really helped) and I immediately felt better.


26 hours later, I took the misoprostol under my tongue. Being honest, the medication made me gag when I had to hold it under my tongue for 30 minutes. It was tasteless but the texture clogged my mouth and throat, and I couldn’t swallow the pills so it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. Almost immediately, I felt cramps and nausea hit.




I can’t stress this enough!! After I took the misoprostol, I immediately took two tablets of ibuprofen, and it took its time to finally start working. The cramps were manageable, and it didn’t hurt too much. I used heat packs and it really helped. I still have them on and they’re so comforting.


The worst part for me was the nausea. I suggest not to eat too heavy foods before you take the misoprostol, and to eat light foods like dry cereal, toast, pretzels or just plain popcorn. I had quite a hearty meal (I tend to stress eat) which made me vomit. However, I felt so much better after I did vomit, so don’t be afraid to!


Another thing that really helped was a YouTube video I found. They had subliminal messages in music and it really helped me calm down:


Honestly it was all over in like 1-2 hours, and it was quite a positive experience. Happy to answer any questions you have!

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