Plain and Simple

by Anonymous

January 6, 2017

Plain and simple.  That’s what I call my decision.  I was 16.  Plain and simple.  I was not a parent.  Plain and simple.  I was a good kid from a good family.  I needed to go to college and be somebody.  Being careless at 16 wasn’t going to inhibit that for me. So I made a plain and simple decision that I needed to get an abortion.  I had to tell my mom because I needed permission for it to move quicker and she took me.  I’m still with the same partner nearly 16 years later.  That was just the decision we needed to make.  It was never even a question.

I have never once regretted that decision.  I think about it sometimes.  I don’t tell anyone by choice.  It’s personal and my business which is the exact point we are trying to make.  Abortion is personal and a woman’s business only.  It is not for anyone else.  I do not regret it and I would stand up for it if challenged.


I was 16.  Plain and simple.

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