Outer Body

by Anonymous

September 3, 2019

I was 23 in tech college for Autobody repair  and I was obsessed with this guy I worked with part time at a local stereo shop. He never came for me I came for him. I became pregnant a few months into dating him and I was happy… we moved into together and everything seemed great until I started noticing signs that he was into other men. I tried to brush it off maybe I was just overreacting, reading into something that wasn’t really there. He would go clubbing every weekend. Get up early to go to the gym so much so he would be late for work. I decided to go in he phone to figure out what was going on.

I found text messages between him and other man about how they had taken the relationship to the next level the previous night. There I was 4 months pregnant on the bathroom floor literally shaking from what I just read. I woke him from his sleep and confronted him about. “Another guy was using my phone texting a girl” I kept pushing the subject I knew it was a lie. He finally admitted that he preferred men and was trying to become straight while dating me.

I didn’t sleep that night he slept just fine but I needed more I needed to talk about it and figure out what we were going to do we have a child on the way. He brushed me off and became angry. He pulled all my clothes out of the closet and draws and threw them on the front porch. Yelling and screwing me to get out of his house! He threw my Xbox out the front door onto the yard and I flipped out lol. We became physical with each other until he dragged me out the door by my arms and locked me out of the house. Then tossed my car keys out the window saying he’ll give my key to the house to his boyfriend…

I don’t know what came over me I calmed down gathered my belongings threw them in my trunk and smiled. I couldn’t leave the drive way because he was parked behind me. I finally gave in called the police which they threatened to take us both to jail for fighting.  I had to go back home to my mom and tell her what happened… minus the fight. She immediately called my dad.

My daddy was furious he told me there was no way you can keep that baby. Hell the thought of abortion never crossed my mind until my parents suggested it. I couldn’t think it was the first time I’d ever been in a serious relationship or situation like that before. My dad took me to the movies like we use to when I was younger. To this day I can’t remember what we saw but I’m happy we went.

I was right at four months when I got my abortion. I was extremely depressed during that time in my life afterwards but I used that depression to finish school find a better job better my myself to becoming the person I wanted to be. I’m 29 yrs I still don’t have children but I never regret getting that abortion and I never will.

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