One kid four abortions

by Anonymous

November 17, 2020

When I was 18 I gave birth to my son Parker. Through the years it became challenging to raise my son, I did most of the parenting in my previous relationship. When Parker was two, I got pregnant again. I had this feeling that I wasn’t ready for another baby. My boyfriend supported me, even though he did not want me to have an abortion. I thought long and hard about what my boyfriend felt, then decided to listen to what I wanted. It’s your body and when it comes down to it, it’s your life that will be affected more than your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s. I never went to college or worked at a job before, I knew I wanted that in my future. During my years of college I got pregnant again and had another abortion. So far, I’ve had four abortions. There was some grief that came with it, but you have to weigh in the goods. I remind myself how happy my son is, and how much more I have to offer him. I’m happy where I’m at and as a single mother it’s easier with one! I have no regrets at the end of the day, I simply believe that my choices made me have a content life.

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