One abortion non-surgical at 22 years old

by Anonymous

May 29, 2020

Content Warning: abuse

I have had one abortion through taking a pill. It was non-surgical and before the embryo had a heartbeat. I had decided if there was a heartbeat, I would not go through with it. I had my first child at 17 and second by 21, same father. I could not have an abortion even though a teen mom. I did not have it in me. It did not feel right then. Life was tough, but thank goodness everything worked out.

After the abortion I did have, my one and only, it felt wrong for me to have another child down the road. I felt terrible for what I did, but NO WAY was I going to let another woman raise the potential child. I was married to the father but was such an emotionally and sometimes physically abusive marriage. I could not bring a child into that. As it was, the sex was somewhat forced that day I got pregnant and eventually led to abortion.

I had a heavy heart and decided to get my tubes tied with the permanent procedure. I don’t regret it one bit even at 42 years old.

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