On waiting until you’re ready

by Anonymous

January 10, 2020

While I have been pro-choice for a long time, it was usually talked about in extreme “what ifs” such as cases of abuse or poverty. When I got pregnant I was 25, healthy, financially stable, and 2 years into a relationship with a man I would later marry. On paper we checked all the boxes for parenthood. But when I saw those two pink lines I knew in my heart that I wasn’t emotionally ready. I felt I would resent myself, my partner, and my child forever. I briefly considered adoption but childbirth wasn’t a medical risk I was willing to take. I am so grateful I was able to control my own life and my own destiny. Not a day goes by that I doubt my choice.

Sure, I have moments when I’ll wonder how different my life could have been, but I love the way my life is now. A marriage that wasn’t prematurely forced upon me. Years to grow as a person and become the best version of myself. Some day if I choose to have kids I will be able to truly support them because I waited until I am ready. There is no shame in that.

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