On my own time and my own terms.

by Melanie

January 14, 2020

Have a great loving partner who I married not long ago, want to have kids with him. But, my pregnancy came way before we were ready. Yes, we were both 30plus years old, we were both professionals, myself an architect with a stable job, and enough money.

When it happen we, but mostly ME felt that we needed some more time on our own, that wasn’t the moment, that we didn’t discuss if it was something we will want. So we did, I decided to always prioritize me but his feelings were important for me as I want to build a future and a family with him.

It was a pretty easy choice and it was also a revelation: I understood for the first time I did want to become a mother sometime in the future (something I was never sure before) but I needed it to be on my own time and my own terms

The country I was living in (Israel), makes it pretty straight forward (as long as you are officially marry, which I wasn’t then).  I choose together with the doctor to do it in the hospital with a quick intervention, and after some hours I was back home eating a delicious meal with my husband. Took some days off to recover my body, and that it.

Coming originally from a south american country were abortion is not legal, I felt super blessed being in a country were is legal, its safe and its part of your medical history and not something to hide.

Now planning on looking for a baby soon, on my own time and my own terms 🙂

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