Nova Scotian who had to fly to NFLD

by Nova Scotia needs help

April 30, 2017


I had an abortion two years ago and I am grateful every day for this right, and decision. I was 24 with $2000 dollars saved to my name – in no position to care for a child. My abortion cost me nearly half that.


However, I would like to bring to light the fact that abortions in Nova Scotia – although accessible in hospital – are unavailable privately. Many abortions taking place in Nova Scotia currently come from out of province (notably PEI and NB). As a result, hospital abortions in Halifax are backlogged up to 15 weeks…..

I was 10 weeks pregnant and still considered low priority. I was sick, and I was miserable. I took matters into my own hands and wallet, with my lovely and caring partner. We both flew to NFLD where we paid 1000 dollars out of pocket on top of flights. The private Morgentalar Clinic in St. John’s had amazing staff.. and were incredibly supportive. I was out within 4-5 hours without any issue and after I pushed my way through annoying protestors I was sitting at a nearby sushi restaurant drinking beer and eating raw salmon (finally my sickness was gone and my appetite was back). I was finally conversing with my bf without a cranky tone.


I returned home that day happier than I had been in a while. Forever thankful for Dr. Morgentaler.


Medical coverage in Nova Scotia reimbursed me for 128.00$ … chump change compared to the whopping 1500$ ++ spent.


Nova Scotia needs to legalize privatized abortions and open a clinic. If NB and PEI are not going to recognize the importance of reproductive rights (mostly PEI) then maybe Nova Scotia should step up its game so it can keep up with the demand.


How can I help ???

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