Not the right time for us!

by Lea

September 10, 2018

I had finally met the right guy! We met just before Christmas 1975, started dating in a big group when a bunch of us would head for the disco after finishing up at the steak house to go dancing ’til the wee hours and then grab a bit to eat, then sleep a little and repeat the next day. We were all on break from college…I was bouncing back at 25…and he was training to manage a new branch of the steak house to be opening in Atlanta in March. He finally asked if we could get a day off together and play tourist in DC. Long story, short, we got engaged 3 days after the first time we went out alone together! Now I had to explain to my Mom that I was moving to Atlanta after working tirelessly to get into the college I had attended for one whole semester! But, it worked out, and we moved to Atlanta February 15th.

Then, I missed my period! There was absolutely no thought other than to have an abortion. It wasn’t that we weren’t married yet…it was that we didn’t really know each other yet! Yes, we wanted kids…and we went on to have 3 after 4 years of getting to know each other…it just wasn’t the right time for us, and I never want that option to be taken away from any woman! It is her choice!

By the way, we have been very happily married for 42 years now, and have a almost 2 year old granddaughter who I always want to also have that choice!

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