Throughout my 20s I always said I would get an abortion if I didn’t have a stable job (I was in school until I was 27) or was not in a stable relationship. Jan 2022 I was in my late 30s, married and with a 2 year old. I got off birth control because I wanted to see if it was contributing to me not losing weight and my lack of libido (surprise, it wasn’t contributing to any of that).

I found myself pregnant just weeks after my wonderful, angel on earth, Mother (in law) died from her long battle with cancer. I was not ready for a second child. We were all still grieving my Mom. My loving, caring Mom who had been a huge help watching my child during a pandemic where we were all trying to do nothing but stay at home for her safety. My husband and I couldn’t fathom caring for two children just 9m after our Mom died. I never thought about having an abortion in my late 30s but I knew immediately that it wasn’t the right time. I told my husband and in the next breath told him I would contact PP to have an abortion … Only to find out I needed to wait 3 weeks. I was so mad that I had to go through a few more weeks of pregnancy and the symptoms of it only to know what the outcome would be. But I’m so glad the PP was here for me and my family. And I’m so glad that there are places like this to let women know they aren’t alone. You’re not alone!