NOT BAD!! surgical

by Anonymous

August 2, 2021

I knew I wanted to get the abortion right away, because I just wasn’t ready. I had the surgical abortion and I was terrified!! They didn’t put me to sleep but they gave me medicine to make me feel really really drowsy. Once it was time for the procedure it went by really quickly and I was worried for nothing. The pain is similar to cramps on the first day of your period, not severe but mild. The procedure lasted literally 5 or 7 minutes for me and I asked the doctor “that’s it??” lol. I knew surgical was the way to go for me because the pain the abortion pills gave the women just seemed so traumatic. I know a lot of women get scared cause of the word “surgical” and opt out, but PLEASE believe me when I say it isn’t bad. I even ate chic-fil-a afterwards lol, and also get a heating pad that helped me most days. If you have any questions message me on my private IG account @suitelifeofidk.

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