Non-Horror Abortion Story

by Anonymous

October 26, 2022

I want to share my abortion story because I want there to be more non-horror stories.

I had my abortion January 2020, I was with my long term boyfriend for over 4 years at the time. I suffer from the disease of alcoholism and at that time I was in the peak of my addiction and knew there was no way I could care for a child. I chose the pill because I wanted to be home with my mom who is a nurse because I thought it would make me more comfortable. I took the first pill in the office, 24 hours later let the 4 pills dissolve in my cheeks. My mom prepared so much for me, medicine, pads, heating packs, snacks, and I didn’t feel anything for a really long time. I was scared it wouldn’t work. About 4 hours after letting the pills dissolve I started to get what felt like regular period cramps. Another hour or so I started bleeding, just like a period. About 6 hours in I had some pretty bad cramps, but I wouldn’t have been shocked to feel that same pain any other period.

The bleeding was heavy for me, but I shared with my mom and sister how much there was and they said that seemed like a pretty normal to heavy period. (I naturally have pretty light periods) after about 8 hours, the cramps stopped. I felt perfectly fine. I had light bleeding for about 3 weeks after. That was it. I wasn’t sick, not doubled over in pain, nothing. Just a heavy period!

I want to share this because I have seen so many horror stories and if I had read those before I don’t even know what I would have done. Every body is different. The experience will be different for every person.  But I want it to be known, it is possible that it can go very easy and smoothly. I’m so grateful for the clinic that saved my life by providing me an abortion. I hope with all I have some day very soon, women and anyone who identifies as a woman, or anyone who doesn’t want to keep a pregnancy, can do whatever they choose is best for them. ❤️

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