No regrets

by Katy

September 4, 2019

At 19 I had my first abortion. There was so second guessing or wondering if I was doing the right thing. I absolutely was.  I was able to safely go to planned parenthood and get one at no cost. Luckily cause I didn’t have the money for the abortion or a child. Then at 25 I woke up from a year long black out of drinking and realized I was pregnant. I knew in my deepest part of my soul. My drinking had been so excessive I could feel the fertilized uterus was absolutely damaged and I went again to planned parenthood and got an abortion. I continued to drink for another year until I got sober. Which then I had my son. Which none would have been possible had I had a child at 19 or 25. I never have regretted my abortions. I am forever grateful that I was able to have the freedom and choice to get them. They saved my life . Every woman deserves the choice and access to affordable/free women’s health care.

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