A year ago at this time I was pregnant; condom, plan B, it all failed. What was worse is I was pregnant with twins; That sort of pregnancy comes with its own complications even for the healthiest of beings..

Because of a health condition that almost killed me giving birth to my son in 2020, (HELLP Syndrome, severe hypertension) I was medically advised it could most definitely happen again. Without hesitation, I knew that was a risk I didn’t want to take. So on New Years Eve, an #Abortion saved my life not only physically but mentally as well.

I’m sharing this a whole year after its occurrence because the stigma around abortions is still relatively high. In a world where mental-health is at the top of our lists to prioritize, something that SAVED my life, physically and mentally shouldn’t be seen as “taboo” or “wrong”. I did what I needed to do to continue living life and being the best Mom I could be to my Son.

My abortion saved more lives than it “took”, and for that I’ll forever be grateful.