Never Sorry About my Abortion

by Now I'm 65 and happy

December 9, 2021

For my 22nd birthday, my now ex-husband took me to a beautiful restaurant overlooking the river that formed the western border of the county where we lived. Dinner was excellent and we decided to have our dessert and coffee on their porch, which was enclosed by screening. We were surprised and delighted when a small town across the river began their fireworks show. The bright colored lights were reflected on the surface of the water  – a very wonderful way to celebrate my birthday.

We went home and made love several times. My ex had told me that he wanted us to have a baby and I agreed. A few weeks prior, I had stopped taking my birth control pills, assuming it would take months to get pregnant. Instead, a few weeks were enough and I conceived my first child on my birthday.

Three years later, I was remarried and had another son. A few years after that, I became pregnant for the third time. Mentally, I was a complete disaster. I was in the process of being medicated for my Bipolar Disorder, which had recently been diagnosed. The combination of 3 drugs made me feel depressed and lost.

I could barely take care of the young children I already had, and I knew that I would not be able to care for a third one, so I scheduled an abortion at a local women’s clinic. The procedure was fast and not painful. A nurse held my hand as she explained what the doctor was doing. It was over in 10-15 minutes and I felt SO relieved.

I never needed another abortion, as I never got pregnant again. Never have I ever felt that I had done anything wrong. My views on abortion were based not on religion, but on common sense reality.

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