My Wanted Pregnancy

by Anonymous

May 24, 2019

Content Warning: later abortion

I ended a very wanted pregnancy at 22 weeks. My son, my Elijah. He was diagnosed at his anatomy scan with Dandy Walker Malformation. I got a second opinion. I had an amniocentesis. I had a fetal MRI. I did my due diligence. My son would have been very sick, had no quality of life. He would have had surgery at birth for both a shunt, and feeding tube. I chose to eliminate that pain from a helpless child, and to take that pain myself. I was told from the age from 14 years old of my poly cystic ovarian syndrome. I was told how unlikely it was for me to get pregnant.  Elijah was my baby. I held him. I mourn him every day. I had to make a choice based on my situation, and his ailments. Pregnancy termination is a gray area. So do your research, and stop vilifying people who had to make the most difficult decision of their fucking life. I miss that boy. I look at baby boys and boys who would be his age every day and miss what might have been. My daughter was my rainbow. She is my life. And I would do anything for that girl. So please think before you post hateful rhetoric.

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