My surgical abortion experience

by Anonymous

February 28, 2022

My father passed away and my ex broke up with me over text the following week after 5 years together. It had been a rough few weeks, and my previous ex and I started talking again to get our mind off things. After a fun day together we ended up forgoing the condom and although we didn’t have much sex that night, we got pregnant. I missed my period and I could tell something was wrong, considering how regular my cycle normally was. I took two preg tests and they were both positive… With where our lives are at we knew we couldn’t keep it.

I ended up going to PP for a surgical abortion since I knew it would be a much less stressful experience for me. Having read lots about the procedure online I was scared about the pain but knew it’d be better than going through it alone at home.

I went without any sedation and just had the ibuprofen they give beforehand along with the numbing for the cervix. I didn’t feel anything when the doctor injected the anesthetic, even though she warned me it could feel like a pinch or burn.

Once she began the aspiration, there was some cramping similar to menstrual cramps – but the pain paled in comparison to normal period cramps I’ve had before. The “most painful” part lasted about 15 seconds and it was fine! Immediately after I told my partner all in all the pain was about a 5/10. Nothing I couldn’t handle. There was some slight blood afterwards and I still have some light bleeding but nothing alarming nor intense cramps. The nurse recommended taking some ibuprofen as a preventative to any cramps I could have, and so far I’ve felt great!

If you’re certain about your abortion decision, don’t be scared and know that you’re in good hands when you visit the doctor. If you’re like me and have researched all you can about this decision, I would highly recommend a surgical abortion to eliminate the anxiety that a medical abortion can cause. I am so glad I went this route, I know I am 100% not pregnant and I didn’t have to go through anything without medical supervision.

Whatever your decision, remember you got this!

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