My support system meant the world to me. Lean on your village.

by Ivana

April 23, 2021

So I’m done with my procedure. I feel great. Relieved. Just minor cramping. I started miscarrying a week before I arrived for the the vacuum aspiration. Once they told me to take a few deep breaths after they administered the anesthesia, I was knocked out. They administered 800 mg of ibuprofen before the procedure and wrote pain medication for me to pick up from CVS. The ACWC facility in ATL was WONDERFUL full of wonderful people! They calmed my nerves, explained everything to me, and I wanted to advise other women that everything will be okay and that whichever decision you choose why to receive the abortion, is the right choice for YOU and that’s ALL that matters. I’m very much happy with the decision I made. I’m about to order my favorite foods and get some rest once I leave here. I had the support of my friends, mentors, and colleagues, as this wasn’t something I was comfortable telling my mother. I’ll never forget the impact everyone had on my decision and feelings.

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