My Story

by Anonymous

August 17, 2022

Last year, I divorced my abusive and addict ex-husband. For the past year, I dated casually and a few months ago met someone who I truly connected with and we started exclusively dating one another. While long distance, I would travel there monthly and while the relationship was just beginning, I soon realized the month after Roe vs. Wade was overturned I had missed my period. Immediately, I knew keeping this child so early on in a new relationship and while I balanced a busy work schedule and finishing my doctorate degree. Jumping through hoops, traveling, and figuring out due to all the new trigger laws was frustrating and hard to navigate getting the abortion. I was able to travel about 4.5 hours away to a different state, and receive a medical abortion. While it is a complete relief, the process of it all and having the flood of hormones made me feel tired, sad, and anxious.

My doctor informed me and I found it to be true, that you’re allowed to feel a mix of emotions – both relief and sadness or happiness and guilt. They all can coexist with one another. To top it off the day of my medical abortion, I found out my partner had been cheating for weeks and even had a date lined up for that evening while I was going to be at home in the process of it all. Needless to say that relationship ended and made my decision for this all the more solidified as I know I will no longer be tied to this person and can continue living out my dreams.

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