My Story

by Anonymous

July 19, 2022

I’ve been wanting to share this for a LONG time. At 23/24 I was newly single from a very toxic relationship. He was verbally abusive and had anger issues (punching holes in doors during arguments anger issues.) so being newly single, I’d also graduated college recently and lived in a new city so I partied and hooked up with guys occasionally. I was having fun as any single person should. One night I was out with my friend and some guys we’d met. Lots of fireball shots later I hooked up with one of them. I was very drunk and don’t remember much of the night. I assumed we had sex and found a used condom in the bathroom so assumed we used one… a couple weeks later after I was EXTRA moody and had tender breasts I took a test and it was positive right away. I drank a bottle of wine and cried all night… the next day my roommate came home and I told her and told her I was definitely NOT keeping it. Her and another friend talked me into telling the guy (I was so nervous he’d try to talk me outa it) – he was kind about it, helped pay. He offered to come with me but I barely knew him so my roommate came instead.  It was quick painless and the staff were soooo great and non judgmental. I have never ONCE regretted my decision. Almost 10 years later I have a great job, am getting married this year and am so happy I had a choice. I chose me cause at that age I needed to. I had so much more to do before kids were an option. I’m 33 and now considering kids almost 10 years later I GET to decide it’s time. This if being taken away for so many and I cannot understand. It’s a woman’s choice. End of story.

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