My story

by Anonymous

January 10, 2022

I found out I was pregnant after taking a test to try and make sure I WASN’T pregnant. Lo and behold this came back positive. Told my girlfriends and they said do some more tests, so I did. Positive again.

I told my partner a couple of days afterwards as he was on a ship working in the Navy. He was taken aback, and said this wasn’t the right time, we’ve haven’t known each other that long etc etc. The reasons why I thought an abortion would be a good idea for myself was because I was in the middle of joining the police and wanted to put everything into that, it all depended on me passing several tests.

I decided to go ahead with it seeing as I didn’t have the support from my boyfriend and I also wanted to get into the police even though I hadn’t passed the tests yet.

The procedure came and went, the day before I had had to schedule a drugs and biometric test for the police. I cried in the car afterwards because it was overwhelming.

The days following the op we moped around, I felt unsure and even regretful. My boyfriend gave me what comfort he could while I sobbed on the sofa every day.

I know this isn’t a positive story about my abortion but it is an important one.

I still feel regret, shame and sadness, but I am hoping that soon I’ll have a reason to make it worthwhile. I’m still waiting to hear back from the police.

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