My story

by Anonymous

October 15, 2021

I want to share this but it’s a bit of a long one and maybe it won’t resonate with everyone. In February 2019 I had a surgical abortion at 12 weeks. Very easy decision, although we do want kids we both agreed it was not the time. I was in and out as fast as possible and had no feelings of conflict or regret; in fact as I walked out of the clinic I felt a profound sense of relief and practically floated out of the office. I went about my day and life as normal.

I then participated in a psychedelic ceremony where, in the astral realm, I was visited by the soul of the baby I terminated. I recognized the soul immediately as not just my child, but my daughter specifically. I realized that nothing was cut short, I didn’t “kill” my baby, I simply ended the pregnancy physically and released her soul back into the “before”, where she’s waiting until we’re both ready to meet again.

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