My Story

by Anonymous

January 12, 2021

Two weeks ago, my US work visa was expiring in five days. I was already heartbroken at the prospect of leaving my dream job and the love of my life behind–and then I found out I was pregnant, too. I waited in line at a CityMD for a (negative) covid test for four hours, but I discovered that I was five weeks pregnant. Three days before I left the country, I had an abortion. I haven’t regretted my abortion even for a second–and I’m lucky to have received such supportive doctors and nurses who made the process a lot easier. I’m also lucky to have a great partner, who told a pro-lifer protesting outside the clinic to “get a life before getting so invested in others.” Sigh.

Anyway, I love your page, it gives me courage and reminds me that I’m not alone. <3

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