My Story

by Anonymous

November 1, 2019

I had a second trimester D&E abortion 3 weeks ago in the state of Ohio. I was terrified and shaking beforehand but the staff made me feel so supported and assured me everything would be ok. I had a bad reaction to the drugs before it unfortunately but everyone reacts to them differently. My procedure was 7 minutes from the time the speculum went in until they told me I was done. It was the easiest part of that entire day. I will never regret it. I cannot afford a child right now and never wanted kids. Accidents happen. Fortunately, I had the best support system in my friends and boyfriend and was able to get financial assistance too.  Don’t believe everything the web and news says. It’s not nearly as scary or painful as they make it seem. It feels surreal that it was really that simple to have a medical procedure. I am still slightly recovering but I am going to be just fine. I feel relieved.

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