My only regret is that it destroyed my marriage…

by Anonymous

August 10, 2018

My husband and I had been married for three years when I found out I was pregnant. We had always said we did not really want kids but I had stopped taking birth control anyway because it would ‘happen if it happened.’ Well in late 2014, it happened. I was terrified and when I finally told him, I was bawling. His first response was ‘what are we going to do about it?’ And then he proceeded to tell me all of the things I would have to give up if we did have the baby. Never once did he act excited or say that he wanted to have the baby, so, using our very poor communication skills, we decided to have an abortion. He drove me to the clinic, we got it done and buried the whole event under the rug, never really mentioning again. From there, our marriage went to Hell. He stopped treating me with any affection, started hanging out at the bar all night while I was at home wondering where he was, rumors popped up about him and other women, and he basically just started ghosting me from his life. Two years later, while I was still hanging on to this fledgling marriage for some reason, he finally admits that the abortion had been tearing him up inside and he has regretted it every day and hasn’t looked at me the same since. Not once, have I ever regretted the decision because I knew one way or another I was going to be raising that child on my own and I have no desire to do that. Three and a half years later, we are now going through a divorce because he still can’t get over it. This has created the only regret that I have, and that would be that it destroyed my marriage.

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