My Non-Abortion

by Maddy

September 14, 2021

Because of freedom of choice, I was able to not get an abortion. My husband wanted one so bad. He drove me to the clinic, past the disgusting signage. I screamed at the protestors. I cried on the way in. I sat in the chair, watching Rambo as other pregnant people took their turns vomiting in the bathroom. I shared my pretzels with the one next to me, to settle her stomach after a bout of morning sickness. I paid my deposit. I sat back down, dreading the moments I thought would come. I thought I had to go through with it, or else he would leave me. I gathered my strength, chose what to do with my body, and left. This is not the best choice for everyone. But it was the right choice for me. Had it been up to him, I wouldn’t have had my child. I am thankful for my freedom of choice. I’m thankful for other pregnant people’s freedom of choice. They know how to decide what is best for them. Let the people choose. Keep your choices off my body.

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