My name is mommy

by Anonymous

May 10, 2019

Content Warning: rape, abuse

I had my first abortion when I was 17.  It was not entirely my decision, my boyfriend, who i deeply loved, talked me into it. I regretted it for many years.  At the time I was a drug addict, and I now understand what I did was for the best. Neither I nor the father were in any mindset to have a baby. That baby more than likely would have been born drug addicted and put in foster care.  When I was 24 I had my twin sons.  I was in an incredibly abusive relationship and finally, with the aid of victim advocates and the DA pressing charges, left and got a life time protection order and a protected address.  I started my life over, got a full time job, and began my life as a single mom. At 27 I was date raped.  I took the morning after pill 20 hours after the rape, and 11 days later had a positive pregnancy test.  I tried so hard to want that pregnancy. I even found someone to adopt it. But every single day I wanted to die. I was becoming more and more depressed and finally made the right decision for myself and my children; I secretly aborted my pregnancy, and told my family I’d miscarried, as they would not have supported my decision.  I now have a wonderful life, a great job, and my children have my full attention. I would have gone back to drugs if I’d had that baby. My children would more than likely have been taken, and all three of those kids would have grown up without me.  Because of my abortions, I am able to be fully present in my children’s lives, contribute to society in the medical field, and love my life.

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