My medical abortion wasn’t as bad as I expected

by Simonex

August 31, 2020

I found out that I was pregnant at 5 weeks and decided to terminate.

I gave a urine sample and while waiting on the results I was asked questions about my medical history. I was given four (4) pouches that included the pills, pain killers and 2 types of antibiotics. I got home and made my room comfortable by having food, water, maxi pads and an ice pack nearby because I did some prior research and all the reviews I read seemed pretty painful.

I began my process at exactly 7:00 pm by placing 4 pills into my uterus and taking 2 orally 2 hours later at 9:00 as instructed. About 30 mins after I felt light cramps similar to what I’d experience during my period. I was able to fall asleep but woke up around 1:30 am because I thought it wasn’t working due to my cramping and pain being nonexistent however I decided to go to the restroom where I then realized I was bleeding and I passed about 3 clots while urinating.  At about 6:30 am I had to use the bathroom again and at this point I felt something heavy which I believe was the fetus being passed out followed by a gush of blood.

I was actually surprised to know that it was over because on a scale from 1-10 my pain was a solid 2. I didn’t even take the painkillers that were prescribed to me. Afterwards my bleeding became very light so I am using a panty liner instead of a pad because it’s more spotting than bleeding anyway.

My experience with this was extremely easy and painless and nothing compared to what I read before.

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