My life flashed before my eyes

by Nubiya

July 15, 2019

Content Warning: sexual pressure, coercion

Mmmm I don’t really like talking about it because it makes me sad thinking about it. Right now as I’m making this I’m crying. Me and my ex broke up which was my first boyfriend. And I was feeling hurt so I went to a dating app and meet someone. He was cool and we have been talking for two weeks and he wanted to meet up. I said yes so I gave him my address and he picked me up… it was late. And we got to his house and went upstairs he seemed cool I thought we were going to talk and get to know each other but no. I started to feel uncomfortable as he started to kiss on me. I was scared not know where I am and not really knowing him. He kept pressuring me to have sex… I was uncomfortable with it and kept saying no but after him kept pressuring me I said ok. At this moment I went somewhere else in my mind like I wasn’t even there. After everything was done I remember him driving me home and I never talked to him. Months later I remember getting sick and my mom took me to the doctor. The doctors came in and told me I was pregnant… I didn’t believe it because I was a virgin until I meet him. After that night me and my mom relationship was never the same. I contacted him and told him and right then he told me to have a abortion so I did. I was scared and it felt like my life flashed before my eyes… it been months even since that and now I have a boyfriend who I really care about but every time we have sex I get scared of becoming pregnant. I feel bad that I put him through it… and him not knowing what happened. I feel depressed every time I think about the whole situation… not knowing what to do… but I’m glad to share my story.

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