My Future First

by Trina Hallis

August 24, 2022

I was 19 years old, in college and my boyfriend and I had broken up. I never wanted children. I told my ex that I was pregnant and he told me he didn’t want children, and to get an abortion. I thought long and hard about my situation, especially with church-going parents and family. I only told my ex and my brother that I was pregnant. I couldn’t risk it getting out and how my family would be ashamed. I was living in an apartment, I was in school full time and I didn’t have a job. My parents were supporting me, and I couldn’t lose that support and survive. Even with all of these factors against me, the most important reason was the first one I listed. I never wanted children, and up until my last breath I know I never will. So I got an abortion in 1992. I got a D&C and never looked back. I got my college degree, had many fur babies I rescued and gave loving homes, worked as long as I could, and I even got my own house. I couldn’t have done it without that decision that kept my life on track.

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