My experience

by Anonimia

February 1, 2022

It took me a lot of work to get over the idea of what I did, because of shame.

I had many questions: where was the soul of my baby? I have always seen myself as a mother, but in that moment I could not bring my baby into this world.

I was 26 years old but financially I wasn’t well, I was taking Isotretinoin which increases in 30% fetal malformations, but the decision for which I could not continue with the pregnancy was due to my mental and emotional situation.

Today I understand that these decisions are highly criticized by those who are not in that position. However, they are taken from love, recognizing that you cannot offer a child what you you want and it’s not fair to anyone.

In my faith I trust that later we will be able to meet again and explain the situation.

I asked many times to heaven that please I want that baby returns to my life, I hope he doesn’t believe that I didn’t love him because it is the opposite. He will always be in my heart…

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