My experience on my abortion

by Anonymous

January 6, 2020

I have two kids who I love a 2 year old and a 10 month old. I recently found out I was pregnant and I made a choice of getting an abortion. My partner agreed with me and we both knew it was the best. Making the decision wasn’t the dreading part it was actually physically going and waiting and hearing the procedure. I got to the clinic and it wasn’t bad they put me in a room with other girls waiting to do the same thing as I. They shared they stories and reasons. Most of these girls were in the same boat as me, already had kids, it wasn’t the right time for them. It didn’t matter how many times they repeated the procedure it still seemed painful emotionally and physically but once I got to the office and they sat me down it was like a normal dr visit. The dr was very nice and asked me if I wanted to get on birth control talked about my options. I laid down, the process only took about 10 minutes or even less. It didn’t hurt, I felt nothing .

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