My ex threatened to kill me over my abortion

by Anonymous

November 30, 2020

I was only 18 when I found out I was pregnant. I hadn’t graduated high school yet, was already working a full time job on top of school. My ex (the father) was into drugs and years older then I was & refused to get a job while surviving off of me, so I knew keeping it wouldn’t have ever been an option. Soon as I told him it was an everyday fight. He threatened my life at first when I said I wanted an abortion. He told me he would think about it and tell me what he wanted me to do because he would be making that decision. He waited until it was too late for a pill abortion so I had to have a surgical abortion at that point, once everything was done and over he told me he waited on purpose so I would have to have it surgically so I could learn from my mistake and not allow it to happen again. Even though I was on birth control he was convinced I got pregnant on purpose to “trap” him. I’ll forever be grateful for having the resources to have an abortion so I’m not tied to him in any way shape or form.

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