My demon and I

by Lilith M.

June 23, 2021

The door opened, I looked inside,

Then slowly stepped in, into the cold and white

It wasn’t even painful for me

And for the courage of being finally free

I was also filled with pride

For that I got away from the demon inside


This is a poem I wrote while still being filled with emotions right after my abortion.

It metaphorically portraits my feelings of the “thing” growing inside of me, as I never had the feeling of it belonging or having any worth for me.

It sounds hard and emotionless, but it’s nothing but the truth. I felt horrible for feeling that way after I became pregnant and tried to love the embryo in my womb as much as I could but failed. I failed loving it because I knew I didn’t want it to be there.

I don’t feel sorry anymore. And I feel so comforted by all the people supporting abortion rights and people having abortions. A huge thank you to all of these people. They’re the best. They’re the community I want to belong to. Their support is endless.

Thank you.

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