My decision, not my friends decision.

by Olivia

December 14, 2020

I had not long came out of an abusive relationship and I fell pregnant, I found out at 5 weeks. It was an enormous shock and I felt so confused. I have never been the person to want children, I was always career focused and studied for a very long time to get where I am now, and I was feeling pressure form every angle to ‘make a choice’, ‘time’s running out’. I spoke to family and friends as I was so scared with either option. I had heard horror stories about abortions and I was terrified to go through with it. To add onto the stress, my best friend was heavily pressuring me to go through with the pregnancy due to the fact she previously had fertility issues, but was pregnant at the time of this happening. I had the abortion and my best friend fell out with me stating I ‘over reacted’ and I ‘would’ve been fine, she was having twins and was absolutely fine’, I ‘get paid more than her, own my own car and place and I should’ve went through with it’. All of my accomplishments I worked very hard for were thrown back in my face for choosing to have an abortion. Apparently all these external and materialistic things makes it unjust to have an abortion. I went through with the abortion and it was calm, fast, and the best decision I’ve made.

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