by Lizzy G

May 29, 2019

Content Warning: mental and physical abuse

MY CHOICE RIGHT MY CHOICE NOT TO BEBEAT UP AND BELITTLED BY THE MAN that got me pregnant the man who was a drug addict the man who treated me like crap every day . The man who mental abused me so that I believed our life together was normal. Normal for him to keep me under lock and key while he ran the streets with other women doing drugs. Yes I was pregnant and decided to run away by jumping out a second floor window and hiding in a shelter for women. I decided to abort my child IT WAS DONE ON MY BIRTHDAY SO I COULD NEVER FORGET MY CHOICE! GOOD OR BAD in your eyes I really don’t give a heck of what you think of me! My life would have been hell and so would my childs and the many children that would have come from me not being brave enough to run away from a MONSTER in my life who I loved very much, because I thought it was a normal love life. I had an abortion that’s that! I WASNT A CHILD I WAS 20!

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