My Body. My Choice. My Abortion in My Voice.

by Kat

May 29, 2019

I was at the irresponsible and seemingly invinsible age of 16 when I got pregnant by my long term boyfriend. I was so overcome with emotions when Planned Parenthood confirmed that I was indeed pregnant with a sonogram. Seven weeks pregnant. I cried. I had so many plans for my future that did not involve having a child while I still was a child. I came home, told my mother, and we sat down with my boyfriend and his parents and discussed what we were going to do. We ultimately decided that I was going to terminate the pregnancy as my boyfriend and I were in no way, shape or form fit to be parents. I was just on the brink of how far along I was that I did not have to withstand an operational abortion and could take a succession of pills. It was still very painful as you are essentially inducing birth to discharge the developing embryo. I will never forget that day.


I am 24 years old now. I finished high school and went to study engineering in college. I graduated two years ago and have since been working for a wonderful Renewable Energy company in Portland, OR. I’m an avid hiker, yogi, writer, reader and painter. I love to travel, live music, interior design, vintage furniture and plants. I have a loving and supportive group of friends and a beautiful relationship with my mother.


As an established and stable young woman, I am now ready to pursue the next chapter of my life of motherhood in my near future. I am so looking forward to being a mother one day and giving my child the best life I can possibly give.


There are many reasons why women of all ages, races, backgrounds and sexual orientations choose to have an abortion. The key word in that is choose. It should be a woman’s choice and not a political debate whether she wants to have an abortion.



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