My body my choice

by Anonymous

January 19, 2021

Sorry if this story is everywhere. I’m 15 and this is my story me and my boyfriend  just broke up, this all happened in the summer. I drank my sadness so I never realized I had morning sickness cuz I thought it was the alcohol. Then my period never came. I immediately ran to the store and I took 8 tests and they all said the same thing: positive, and I broke down. I called my boyfriend and he didn’t want me to get an abortion. He said it was selfish and disrespectful but I was 15, I could never take care of a baby. And I wanted a baby I had to grow up with a mom and a dad. I wanted them to feel what I never could, love from both. I could barely take care of my cat. So I told my mom and she was never mad cuz I already said that I wanted an abortion.

I was not myself at all I was depressed mad and just feeling like poo. I was so weak and that’s when I knew that I definitely had to get on, so I made an appointment. I drove all the way to Denver cuz they shut the one in my town down. I was yelled at by a blond old lady with a trump t-shirt but I couldn’t yell at her back cuz they told me on the phone that if I did that they wouldn’t help me. So I ignored them and went on my way. I walked in there and I was welcomed with open arms I felt no shame, they were so nice. I filled out some paper work in the car cuz of corona then I went in got an ultrasound and then some more questions in the car. Then I got my blood taken and the lady that took my blood was so nice, she was joking around with me about how much blood was coming out of my finger.

As I left they gave me a brown paper bag and asked if I wanted birth control, so I said yes and they gave me a brown paper bag and I was off. The bag had the rest of my pills, pain medicine, a big pad, condoms, and pregnancy test for when it was over. I was super tired so I slept all the way home.

The next day after we got home I took my pills and it didn’t hurt at first. Then it was bad, but only on the first day then I just bled. The whole summer I stayed home and did nothing but sleep. I took my last pregnancy test and it said negative and I felt good, I felt myself again. I hate to say it but I felt free. And Planned Parenthood called me and checked up on me after a couple of weeks. And I felt bad cuz people were telling me I killed a live thing but then I realized it’s just a clump of cells and I was not in the wrong. So if anyone ever tells you you’re in the wrong, say there are there are like 1,000,000,000 kids in foster care and they’re paying hundreds of dollars for some lady to carry their baby but we’re in the wrong? So remember your body your choice.

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