My body my choice

by Anonymous

November 23, 2020

Content Warning: physical abuse

I was 27 with 3 kids, I met someone who sold me a false reality. at first I was so excited to bring another baby into this this world with someone who I thought I was in love with, I was 10 weeks pregnant when my boyfriend got too drunk and got violent with me, he strangled me so hard to the point where I passed out. I woke up on the floor with him standing over me yelling at me to get up off the floor. I had to promise I wouldn’t call the cops so that he would let me out of the room. After I left the room I called the cops and they took him to jail. A few days of thinking about the options I had after the situation I had just went through, I chose to have an abortion and I am so thankful that I had abortion as a choice because that baby deserved better than to have him as a father.

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