My Body is not Ready

by Olivia

February 9, 2021

I’m 20 years old, about to have my second abortion next week. I am sick of waiting. I want this over with. Since I’ve gotten pregnant, I’ve been having gas pains, nausea, the worst. I have no control over my body anymore. I’ve developed an eating disorder during my pregnancy due to the gas pain after eating and nausea. I’m not comfortable in my body right now. I feel bloated constantly and unable to maintain a healthy eating habit. I’m down to half a meal a day, again due to gastrointestinal pain and throwing up. I’m so hungry and in pain, I just want my body back. As soon as I think I’m feel better, the gas starts again. My stomach sounds like a war zone everyday and it’s very embarrassing. I’ve been missing my college classes due to the pain and sheer embarrassment of my stomach issues. I want my life back, and most of all I want my body back as soon as possible. It will be worth the pain.

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